Riga municipality invites third-country nationals to take part in Latvian language courses

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2014. Year 17. December

Riga municipality is planning to conduct charge-free Latvian language and culture courses for third-country nationals pupils of Riga schools and adults, as well as for non-citizens. The courses will be conducted within the project “We are Rigans!” and duration of the courses is foreseen from January till June 2015.

Third-country nationals are nationals of any other state except of the European Union, European Economic Zone (Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein) and Swiss Confederation.

The 120 – hour courses will take place two times per week: for pupils – in the afternoon, for adults – in the evening. The following additional activities are foreseen within the courses: visiting museums, theatres, Riga municipality institutions, as well as excursion and other creative activities. At the end of the courses it will be possible to pass official Latvian language exam.

The project “We are Rigans” is being implemented by the Education, Culture and Sports Department of Riga City Council in cooperation with the Riga Center of Education and Information with the financial support of the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals (75%) and Latvian state (25%).

In order to participate in the courses all applicants should fill in the application form (see below) and return to the e-mail address: dace.sondare@riga.lv not later than January 6, 2015. The number of places in the courses is limited.

 Application form (233.00 KB)

For additional information please call 67105549, 67105541 or write: inga.draveniece@riga.lv or dace.sondare@riga.lv

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