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RD IKSD About the Department

The role of the Rīga City Council’s Education, Culture and Sports Department is to:

  • implement the council’s policies in the fields of education, culture and sport, work with youth and in the society integration area;
  • monitor the operations of education, education support, culture, sport and leisure time institutions which are under the jurisdiction of the Rīga City Council.

Departmental functions:

  • to ensure that children living within the Rīga City administrative territory have the opportunity to receive kindergarten education, elementary education and comprehensive secondary education;
  • to carry out work with youth; 
  • to ensure diversity in the conduct of the City of Rīga’s cultural life and its cultural processes and to organize suitable creative leisure time opportunities for residents;
  • to ensure access to opportunities for sport and physical activities and an active lifestyle;
  • to coordinate the society integration process in the City of Rīga;
  • to organize the preparation of applications for international projects and their implementation in the areas of departmental responsibility, including Rīga’s Sister Cities.

The Department has jurisdiction over more than 300 institutions established by the council: 150 pre-school education institutions (kindergartens), 115 comprehensive elementary education and comprehensive secondary education institutions (schools), 13 hobby education centres, 9 art and music schools, 5 independent cultural institutions, the Association of Culture Institutions of Rīga Municipality with 8 units, the Rīga Central Library with its 26 branches, the “Rīga” Professional Brass Band and 11 sports education institutions. The Department also has Rīga’s National Sports Manege, the “Mangaļsala” Leisure Time Centre and Rīga’s Educational and Informative Guide Centre within its jurisdiction. Consequently, the RCC ECSD is responsible for the organization of budgets and the planning and use of investments, for the collation of proposed annual budgets and investment projects, as well as their submission to the Rīga City Council for the education, culture, youth and sports institutions within its jurisdiction.

A number of boards operate under the Rīga City Council’s Education, Culture and Sports Department carrying out the functions in its areas of responsibility: the Education Board, the Culture Board, the Sports and Youth Board, the Administrative Board, the Finance Board and separate structural units or divisions: the Audit and Control Division, the Legal Division, the Projects and Society Integration Division and the Director’s Office.

The Departmental Director is Guntis Helmanis.

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